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or don't let say their Commando style. The whole palette from the brand??s BR-03 timekeepers is dependant on BR-01 model. BR-03 offers scaly-lower and much more practical versions using the diameter of 42 mm. Naturally, The partnership has already produced some memorable timepieces, including last year's MP-05 LaFerrari with its world-record 50 days of power reserve. You've no doubt noticed the Monoposto Chronograph's most distinctive design trait by now: the redline crystal. This Sotheby's sale doesn't fail to disappoint in those areas.

We showed a quick preview of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Deep Sea Vintage Chronograph last week - now we've gotten our hands on it, and are proud to show you these live pictures and impressions. Undervalue the particular alter involving China's defense market: the Chinese military sector in the last Ten years as compared to have been predicted. China's security business nevertheless faces a lot of troubles, nonetheless it to be able to develop contemporary weaponry has significantly surpass how much your 80's and 1990's.